project figures

All figures have been created with pencils on paper, except for the first which is a mixed technique (intaglio, ink, acrylic) and the last which has been created with black plastic color and acrylics on canvas. It’s a work which is still in progress… {Milan, Italy (2008)}

project animals

All animals have been created with pencils on paper, then inked and finally digital coloured and edited on photoshop and illustrator. {Athens, Greece – Barcelona, Spain (2017)}

project the bone

Research on a bone. An exercise on form and colour. By repeatingly drawing and reimagining the bone, my line simplified and intensified. The result is the flag series. {Ioannina, Greece (2007)}

project sketchbook

{Ioannina, Greece  (2011)}

project hands

{Ioannina, Greece  (2011)}

project colourful

Many different ways to work with colours and materials at the same time. From oils to cloths on canvas and from acrylics and plastic colors to chalks on paper. {Ioannina, Greece – Athens, Greece – Berlin, Germany (2007-2013)}

project black and white

project illustrations