andrianos is an Athens based creative team (photographers, cinematographers, directors, art directors, graphic designers & painters). Branding is always determined by the image and feeling of the person that stands in front of us. Knowingly or not, it is that person that gives the main direction. But first we have to unlock him. We might talk about his work as an artist, as an owner of a big or a smaller company or as a representative of an organisation. Then we visualise his needs & the challenge is always the same. We have to know the person in front of us to decode the needs of his company, to comprehend his work process, to understand how he wants to advertise his product. The collage has started to take form. That’s the 1st part of what we do and the most important regarding the final result. In the 2nd part, the whole profile gets built through cameras, brushes and colours on our analog and digital working spaces. That’s where a logo, a promotional video, a website is shaped. This is our way to create. After all, this is the image that represents the sequence of our narrated interests.